Select Starbucks Locations Are Now Offering These Viral Vegan Treats

During an annual shareholders meeting in March, Starbucks chief operations officer Rosalind Brewer hinted at the chain’s plans to expand vegan and plant-based menu options. Though, at the time, Starbucks was tight-lipped about the exact vegan products it would introduce, a Starbucks representative did tell Refinery29 via email, “We are definitely aware of our customers’ interest and enthusiasm for more plant-based products.” Now, those vague vegan plans are beginning to come to fruition — at select locations, at least. Yesterday, several Starbucks stores in Los Angeles began offering Dream Pops, vegan ice cream treats that have been celebrated for their stylish designs and trendy flavors.

According to a recent series of stories posted on the Dream Pops Instagram, the plant-based pops became available at five different Starbucks location around L.A. yesterday. Dream Pops are like the fashionable older sister of your favorite childhood ice pops, which means they’re perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. Los Angeles customers will be able to snack on them through October 5. The Dream Pops are available in four flavors, Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion, Vanilla Matcha, and Coconut Latte, which is made with Starbucks arabica Coffee from Guatemala Antigua. The pops are being sold for $3.95 each.
Today, a Starbucks representative told Refinery29 via email, “As a company, Starbucks often tests products to gather feedback from our customers and partners. As part of our commitment to bring our customers a wide variety of innovative packaged food, snacks, and treats, Starbucks is currently testing Dream Pops in five locations in Los Angeles. We’re looking forward to learning more, but do not have additional information to share on future availability of these products in our stores.”
The fact that Dream Pops are vegan was likely a big draw for Starbucks, since the chain is so tuned in to the aforementioned “interest and enthusiasm for more plant-based products.” Their chic, Instagram-worthy shape likely only made the partnership that much more appealing. Starbucks may have recently decided to cut its special drink options — like gimmicky, themed Frappuccinos — by 30%, but that doesn’t mean it wants to give up viral food moments altogether.
Interestingly, the cool shape of the Dream Pops isn’t just for aesthetics. According the brand’s website, the pops are designed “with an ergonomic touch,” which is supposed to prevent sticky fingers. Additionally, the recipes are developed in collaborations with a food scientist and a three-starred Michelin chef, so the treats have a lot more than Instragram likes to offer. Since Starbucks has previously received fairly mixed reviews about the actual taste of viral menu items like the Unicorn Frappuccino, working with an already beloved vegan treat brand is a pretty good idea. Hopefully, Starbucks sees enough success from the partnership to expand Dream Pops to locations outside of just L.A. We want in on the cute, plant-based pop action, too!

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