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ZitSticka Drops Skin Discipline to Teach More Acne Prevention

The fact that shows like TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper have such a huge following is proof that there’s a shift in the public perception of acne, even if some of us still feel a little embarrassed when we wake up to a fresh blemish settling in on our face. Pimple patches were really hyped last year, particularly the Chrissy Teigen-approved KILLA kit from ZitSticka.

Since launching in 2019, the brand has made it clear that acne is perfectly normal; the real issue is the shame and stigma that comes attached. ZitSticka gained even more recognition post-launch from its ZSA ambassador campaign starring models Munroe Bergdorf and Shaun Ross. Today, the brand is changing up its format with a brand-new product called Skin Discipline. If you thought that the self-dissolving microdart patches were discreet, this supplement is even better since nobody has to ever see it.

Skin Discipline was created specifically for people with “disobedient skin” at any stage of an acne breakout. Each capsule is loaded with a blend of nutrients that include, selenium, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, omega 3, chromium, and probiotics. As a result, the product helps with alleviating inflammation, regulating the production of sebum and acne-causing hormones, optimizing and detoxing microbiomes, and balancing out bacteria that supports overall skin health.

ZitSticka co-founder and director Daniel Kaplan’s mission for the skin-tech company is to “revolutionize the way people resolve their breakouts with efficacy and innovation.” Transitioning from a patch to a supplement is a major part of the brand’s strategy to “offer products for every stage of a zit’s life cycle” which consumers will see more of as they roll-out an official “comprehensive clear-skin tool kit” throughout 2020.

“Topical beauty products and inner health go hand-in-hand, and beating breakouts is more than just washing your face and calling it a day,” he says. “We’re fortunate to have been able to leverage some longstanding skincare experts as well as world-class manufacturing processes to engineer a breakout-specific supplement that addresses the root causes of zits.”

ZitSticka claims that consumers should start noticing a difference within the first 8 weeks of consistent use. Maximum results can be expected after passing 12 weeks. Skin Discipline is available to order now for a flat rate of $44 or $36 for subscribers.