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Zitsticka Unveiled Its Pimple-Positivity “We Got You” Campaign

There are few things as annoying as waking up to a brand-new blemish. There are definitely ways you can embrace the unexpected breakout — including some space-inspired stickers or colorful makeup — but that doesn’t make an overnight guest taking up space on your face any less ugh-inducing. Zitsticka wants to change all that, and has announced a temporary giveaway that celebrates surprise acne.

The brand behind a set of pimple stickers recently unveiled its We Got You ad campaign. The campaign features an adorable series of acne-positivity ads that highlight how sometimes pimples can just happen, and that acne is something everyone deals with. Whether it’s a pimple caused by a late-night craving for something sweet or a blemish induced by the stress of literally everything you have to do in a day, Zitsticka’s campaign sends an encouraging message that yes, acne happens, and it’s okay.



Along with the vintage-inspired social media clips, Zitsticka is taking the We Got You message one step further, and is promising to be there for New Yorkers. That’s right, NYC, the brand wants to give you free stickers, and in order to get some all you have to do is take a selfie and tag it with #ZSWeGotYou and @zitsticka. The giveaway ends on Friday, but you still have a few more days to cross your fingers for a pimple you can use a patch on.

If you don’t happen to live in NYC, the company does have an online store, and as the Teen Vogue Acne Awards demonstrated, there are plenty of products available, including patches, to possibly use in your skin-care routine.


Ultimately, as much as we try to prevent acne from happening, sometimes a pimple will just pop up, and whether you cover it with a sticker or choose to follow in the footsteps of your fave celebs and embrace the zit remains up to you. Skin care is all about finding the product and routine that makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

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