We Tried Those Trendy, Vegan Ice Cream Pops — and They’re Just as Delicious as They Are Pretty

Those plant-based frozen treats you’re seeing all over Instagram are in fact just as delicious as they are pretty. We taste-tested vegan-friendly Dream Pops at POPSUGAR’s San Francisco office, and surprisingly, no one gave a rating less than a four or five (out of five). Both vegans and non-vegans gave the thumbs up for each of the three flavors we tried: Chocolate Lion, Berry Dreams, and Coconut Latte.

Each coconut-milk-based pop is under 100 calories and free of dairy, gluten, soy, and artificial additives. And if the no-dairy part is turning any of you hardcore ice-cream-lovers off, I can honestly say that Dream Pops are creamy and rich enough to make you forget all about milk.

So, what makes these so special? For one, the health-centered company partnered with a three-star Michelin chef and sourced quality ingredients to make its treats clean yet tasty. But these aren’t good for vegan ice cream pops — they’re good. Period.

See how we rated each flavor ahead!