Lion Tea Seeks To Prove Benefits of Dandelion

Brooklyn, New York (September 27, 2017) — It’s been quite the summer for Brooklyn based wellness brand Lion Botanicals. Since the June launch of their prebiotic dandelion tea, Lion Tea, they’ve been proving the dandelion is so much more than a pesky weed. A local play on traditional dandelion tea or “horta” as it was known in ancient Greece, Lion Tea is wild crafted from the roots, leaves and flowers of U.S. picked dandelions. Prized as “whole plant formulation,” the product harnesses the restorative powers of the weed-come-wildflower along with the naturally occurring prebiotic inulin. Known to clinicians as the primary food source of probiotics in the gut, inulin is a fiber that is fast gaining a reputation in the functional world.

Ray DeRosa, founder and CEO of Lion Botanicals shares his story: “After a heavy night of drinking, I awoke to my fleeting eyesight. Unfortunately, what I thought was a hangover was a rare genetic eye disease known as Leber’s. My Greek mother put me on a regimen of Dandelion Tea for a year, miraculously reversing the effects. It wasn’t until after that incident though did my friends discover the true value of the concoction – it worked wonders on hangovers”

But hangovers aren’t the only thing this wonder weed can cure. It’s also detoxes the liver and skin, aids in weight loss, reduces water retention and is packed with prebiotics to maintain strong gut health.With the emergence of the better-for-you and functional beverage market the product’s re-release (after 8 years) is being referred to as “a perform storm.” The launch is characterized by 4 unique, balanced, yet approachable SKUS: Lemon & Honey, Hibiscus & Blueberry, Blood Orange & Ginger and Mint. Housed in a 10oz glass bottle the product boasts no more than 5 ingredients and carries a 100% clean label, organic certification.

Since their launch, Lion Tea has entered over 250 stores throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and is now available on Fresh Direct. It’s still early for the brand but one thing has quickly become certain, Lion Tea is one dandelion you’ll want to keep around. Follow their journey @lionbotanicals.