ZitSticka launches to transform the way people treat and talk about acne

NEW YORKFeb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ZitSticka, a tech-meets-skincare brand launches with a revolutionary approach to clearing zits. Today, ZitSticka debuts its hero product, the KILLA™, a breakthrough penetrative patch featuring microdart technology to effectively resolve newfound, upcoming and early-stage zits.

“Most existing acne solutions come with big promises, yet serious limitations as most address the uppermost layer of skin,” says Daniel Kaplan, co-founder of ZitSticka. “We set out to develop an active product that permeates beyond the epidermal layer, and into a zit’s nucleus. After countless hours of research, and trial and error, ZitSticka was born.”

When KILLA is pressed to the skin, the patch’s adhesive backing encloses the early-stage zit, keeping the area protected and sterile. Freeze-dried microdarts penetrate both the stratum corneum and epidermis then self-dissolve within two hours, depositing powerful acne-fighting ingredients directly inside the zit.

Dermatologist favored ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (B3) and Salicylic Acid pair with Oligopeptide-76, a powerful but gentle peptide that kills acne-causing bacteria. In early trials, 89% of KILLA users noticed a visible reduction in both the size and redness of their zit after a single application.

“As a board-certified dermatologist and acne expert, I teach my patients that the backbone of treating acne is about not only clearing but also preventing acne from forming,” says Dr. Melissa K. Levin. “Since not all patients have access to a dermatologist, efficacious, over-the-counter solutions are needed but have been lacking. By harnessing transdermal technology, ZitSticka acne patches are a breakthrough in offering a gentle yet effective spot treatment to be used within a skincare regimen.”

The patch is designed to be transparent and discreet, giving wearers the confidence to go about their daily activities while KILLA combats their pesky “zituation”. Beyond its first-to-market products, ZitSticka intends to create space for conversation and community, where people can share their experiences with skincare issues and connect with people just like them.

“We are on a mission to de-stigmatize the conversation around acne as well as beautify the treatments themselves,” says Robbie Miller, co-founder of ZitSticka. “Where acne has traditionally been a taboo topic, it is something that affects everyone. We want to promote transparency and a sense of modern normalcy so people become more comfortable in their own skin.”

The KILLA kit is available online for $29.00, which includes eight KILLA patches and eight priming CLEANA swabs. To purchase the KILLA kit and learn more about ZitSticka, visit and follow @zitsticka on Instagram and Facebook.

About ZitSticka 
ZitSticka is an evidence-based skincare brand focused squarely on acne treatments that target every unique stage of a zit’s life cycle. ZitSticka’s debut product, the KILLA patch, contains proven acne-fighting ingredients, and is layered with self-dissolving microdarts that disrupt the progression of upcoming, early-stage zits.

ZitSticka upholds all FDA cosmetic regulatory standards. The company is founded by brothers-in-law and skincare experts, Robbie Miller and Daniel Kaplan, and is slated to launch in February 2019.